Neodymium Adhesive Block

Neodymium Adhesive Block - Strong Magnets

Neodymium adhesive magnets are magnets with a strong glue on the underside that allows the magnet to be fixed on any flat surface, especially on paper or cardboard, even if it is not metallic.  The glue film is made of 3m and makes the adhesive magnet more versatile and versatile.

The adhesive magnet is characterised by a high adhesion strength and can be used up to 80ºc maximum temperature.

We can find them with a nickel or black epoxy coating, to improve the durability and properties of the 3m self-adhesive magnet itself.

The block-shaped adhesive magnets can be used as magnets for fasteners or for holding and hanging photographs, posters and other objects on walls and ceilings. In this way, certain applications can be easily installed and realised without the need for drilling holes in walls and other surfaces or the use of additional tools. 

Uses and applications of the adhesive magnet

The adhesive magnet offers the user and large companies a large number of very different applications as required. You can use this adhesive magnet for:

  • Fixing photographs, images and pictures
  • Hanging advertising posters or mounting advertising shelves
  • School and home crafts
  • Homemade magnetic fasteners for books, furniture and other applications.

The self-adhesive magnet is an alternative to magnets in the form of magnetic blocks.  These magnets can always work on metallic or magnetic surfaces, whereas adhesive magnets can work on non-metallic and metallic surfaces.

  Where can I buy adhesive magnets?

At ImagnetShop, you can buy adhesive magnets in different shapes, sizes and quantities. They offer their products to both private and business customers and can help you during the whole process of choosing the product.

 The customer service hours are from Monday to Friday from 8.30h to 18.00h.