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The Neodymium spheres are magnets with great clamping force. Being useful for applications that require a considerable clamping force with a spherical shape. In Imagnetshop you can find different neodymium spheres with different diameters.

Neodymium Balls 5mm or 6mm (NdFeB) - Sphere Magnets

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Magnetic Spheres Pack

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Neodymium Sphere 5mm. Each pack contains 219 units.
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Neodymium spheres or neodymium balls are a type of magnet used as a closing or playful accessory in a large number of applications.

Their use is very varied, and we can find these magnetic balls as fasteners on magnetic boards, to hang documents or posters in workplaces such as offices or schools. Despite being tiny magnets, their great strength allows them to perform their function correctly. Also its peculiar shape, allows to move the magnet together with the documents held over the magnetic surface without them falling, factor that differentiates the magnetic balls from the magnets in the form of a disk.

Another use for magnetic balls is as a fastening element in jewellery. Thanks to the fact that they are discreet elements, with beautiful finishes and reduced sizes, they can be used in objects such as bracelets, necklaces or even rings. They are very small magnets with great strength, which offer a very satisfactory hold.

The fashion sector is also an area of use for magnetic balls. We can find them as decorative elements or as magnetic closures. Sometimes they can be stuck or hidden inside the fabrics.

Neodymium balls have long been used by brands that manufacture construction sets with magnets and blocks. In this case, the magnetic balls have a totally playful use for children and parents. Depending on the age of the children, precautions should be taken as they are small magnets.


Uses and applications of Neodymium spheres

Neodymium spheres or magnetic balls are a type of magnet used in applications similar to neodymium magnets, because of their great strength. Magnetic balls are sometimes used for games or experiments in the education sector, for example, in construction games, the point of attachment can be these ball magnets.


Where can I buy magnetic balls?

ImagnetShop is the online factory specialized in the different types of neodymium magnets with more than 30 years of experience in magnetism and all the technical aspects of the sector. Thanks to the availability of the largest magnet factory in Spain and also one of the most important factories in Europe, they can offer a wide range of magnets. For more information, you can contact ImagnetShop and buy 5mm magnetic balls at very affordable prices.


You can buy Neodymium balls at

To buy neodymium balls and choose between different diameter sizes, go to the ImagnetShop website. They sell to both private and corporate customers and will advise you throughout the process. They offer very competitive prices for all industry sectors.

You can contact us by phone or email. Customer service hours are from Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6pm.