Nylon Coated Neodymium Base

Nylon-coated pot magnets allow thousands of operations without wearing extending the life of the magnet.

These magnets are resistant to corrosion so it's use is very suitable on wet surfaces,

In addition, the Nylon coating that covers the magnet eliminates metallic noises in automatic operations.

Nylon Coated Neodymium Pot Magnets (NdFeB)

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Nylon Magnetic Base (25NDAG)

Nylon coated magnetic base, 25x13x7 (25NDAG).
Reference: BASN01603
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Nylon Magnetic Base (32NDAG)

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Nylon coated magnetic base, 32x13x7, (32NDAG).
Reference: BASN01572
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40 uds.
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80 uds.
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Nylon magnetic base (40NDAG).

The Nylon coated pot magnets 40NDAG, 40x14x8, are similar to the neodymium pot magnets with rubber coating, they resist slippage and can be used...
Reference: BASN01602
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Nylon coated magnetic bases are magnetic discs coated with Nylon that protect the neodymium magnet inside, thus extending its durability and allowing thousands of operations to be performed without hardly any wear and tear. Its coating allows it to maintain all its magnetic properties and resistance.

Nylon coated magnetic bases, like rubber coated bases, do not wear out or slip in use.

They also offer a very useful resistance against corrosion, thus offering the possibility of using this type of magnet in outdoor applications, wet situations or on surfaces where it is common to have a certain liquid content.

Nylon bases are characterised by the fact that they eliminate all metallic noises when used, as the material installed on the bottom dampens and does not allow both metallic materials to collide.

The magnet is made up of a neodymium base with an external thread that allows the base to be screwed on with an internal thread, and on the bottom there is a layer of nylon to improve its durability and use. They are magnetic bases suitable for use up to 80ºC and have a holding force of 5 to 15kg.


Nylon Coated Magnetic Base Applications

Nylon coated magnetic bases offer a wide range of applications thanks to their properties and the Nylon coating that protects the magnet and does not allow damage to the surface where it is applied. They are used in:

  • Elevators
  • Door and window stops
  • Machinery locks

Magnetic discs can be an alternative to these if a rubber coating on the magnet is not required, providing very similar characteristics and values.


Where can I buy nylon coated magnets?

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