Nylon coated pot magnets

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Bases magnéticas recubiertas de Nylon

Nylon coated pot magnets

Nylon coated pot magnets

Reference: BASNYLON

The Nylon coated pot magnets, are similar to the Neodymium pot magnets with rubber coating, they resist slippage and can be used thousands of times, without wear.

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The injected Nylon that covers the magnet, provides excellent mechanical properties:

•             It allows thousands of operations without wear.

•             Ideal for continuous movements.

•             Eliminates metallic noises in automatic operations.

•             Resistant to corrosion, very suitable for wet surfaces.

•             The resin coating allows manipulation and working with the magnets without damaging any surface.

These are pot magnets coated with nylon.


base magnética de nylon

If you need to modify the strength of the magnet, contact our sales team.

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