Polyurethane Pot Magnets

The magnetic polyurethane bases are magnetic products with an over-injection of polyamide (polyurethane), where magnets are introduced inside which can be in neodymium, ferrite, samarium or Alnico .

These are magnets that help maintain installations such as wiring, pipes and other items in the construction industry. They are offered in different forms such as: screw-on magnetic blocks, magnetic double-sided magnetic blocks, circular bases, etc.

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Polyurethane Pot Magnets - Neodymium Magnets

The polyurethane pot magnets are magnets with a polyamide over-injection which can offer many forms for these magnetic products.

These magnetic bases are magnets in the form of magnetic blocks or circular bases, with neodymium magnets inside which offer better support and better resistance. They are ideal magnets for fixing certain products such as pipes or wiring, thanks to their adapted and molded polyurethane shape, which can sometimes be presented in red or yellow.

These are magnets that can operate at temperatures up to 60 ° C, offering the maximum adhesion and firmness possible for their application.

There is also the possibility of using ferrite, samarium or alnico magnets inside these magnetic polyurethane pot magnets according to the needs and technical characteristics.

Applications of magnetic polyurethane pot magnets

Polyurethane magnetic bases are magnetic products in the form of a magnetic block or a circular base with magnets inside with a red or yellow polyamide over-injection, which provides the shape necessary for each application. These magnets, thanks to their materials and their molded shape, are essential elements for applications such as:

  • Wiring clamp
  • Pipe fixing
  • Formwork systems

Where to buy magnetic polyurethane pots?

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