Pot magnets Neodymium 

Magnetic neodymium systems have low weight and great clamping forces. They withstand temperatures of 80ºC and on request we can supply parts for maximum working temperatures of 150ºC. Perfect for holding large weights in tight spaces.

Neodymium pot magnets 6 x 4.5 mm, force 0.5 kg, 1g, 80ºC, IMA 6 SCB-N

1 ud. 1,29 € /ud
15 uds. 1,12 € /ud
40 uds. 1,00 € /ud
80 uds. 0,92 € /ud

Neodymium pot magnets 8 x 4.5 mm, force 1 kg, 1.5g, 80ºC, IMA 8 SCB-N

Neodymium pot magnets 10 x 5 mm, force 1.5 kg, 2.5g, 80ºC, IMA 10 SCB-N

Neodymium pot magnets 13 x 4.5 mm, force 3 kg, 4.5g, 80ºC, IMA 13 SCB-N

Neodymium pot magnets 16 x 4.5 mm, force 7 kg, 6.5g, 80ºC, IMA 16 SCB-N

Neodymium pot magnets 20 x 6 mm, force 12 kg, 15g, 80ºC, IMA 20 SCB-N

Neodymium pot magnets 25 x 7 mm, force 20 kg, 22g, 80ºC, IMA 25 SCB-N

Neodymium pot magnets 32 x 7 mm, force 26 kg, 40g, 80ºC, IMA 32 SCB-N

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Flat magnets for multiple uses

Thanks to its alloy together with the steel coating, the clamping force increases, since it directly sends the magnetic force towards the adhesion surface in a concentrated way.


Metallic structures
Stand equipment
Training and education

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