Self-adhesive neodymium magnets 

Powerful neodymium magnets with adhesive. We recommend the self-adhesive magnetic discs and blocks to stick the magnets on any surface. The adhesive we use on our magnets is 3M.

Neodymium disc magnet adhesive 9 x 3 mm, force 2.4 kg, Axial, NiCuNi+EPOXY+ADH 3M, 80ºC, 2.39g

Neodymium disc 12x2 (N35-Ni) Axial + Adhesive M, 80º, 1,7g

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Neodymium block adhesive magnets 25 x 10 x 3 mm, force 3.2 kg, N42, NiCuNi + EPOXY + ADH, 80ºC, 5.63g

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Usage and Applications

Self-adhesive magnets have a wide variety of applications.

They can be used for all types of closures, jewelry closures, bag closures, book closures, cards, packaging, ...

They can also be used to fix objects on walls if you have to make holes. To ensure good adhesion it is important to make sure that the base on which we want to stick the magnet is smooth and clean. It is necessary to tighten the blocks and adhesive magnetic discs very well and let them rest a few minutes so that the glue adheres permanently.


Strong adhesion
Arranged by pairs in strips (1 north pole and 1 south pole with adhesive surface)
Different shapes: round or square

An alternative are flexible adhesive magnets but their clamping force is much lower. Sen appropriate to fix photos or notes in a refrigerator or whiteboard.