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Perfil Magnético de Ferrita con Carcasa Metálica Galvanizada
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Magnetic Profile of Ferrite...

Magnetic Profile of Ferrite with Galvanized Metallic Housing to improve the fixation and protection.
Reference: PLAG01910
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Nylon coated pot magnets

The Nylon coated pot magnets, are similar to the Neodymium pot magnets with rubber coating, they resist slippage and can be used thousands of...
Reference: BASNYLON
From Price €0.99

Magnetic Drums in Stainless

Magnetic Drums in Stainless are widely used in the protection of machinery and suitable for the separation of metal parts.
Reference: IMATMINOX
From Price €5,863.35

Magnetic Bars 7000 Gauss

These magnetic filter bars are designed to separate small ferrous particles. This type of system may be included in any point of the processing or...
Reference: IMABAR7000
From Price €37.18

Magnetic Rollers Ferrite

These types of magnetic head rollers substitute the rollers placed at the head of the conveyor belt. This system extracts ferrous particles from...
Reference: FEROLLER
From Price €547.97

Neodymiun Magnetic Rollers

Neodymium Magnetic Rollers extracts ferrous particles from the product that is passing along the conveyor belt, takes them under the roller, where...
Reference: MagneticRollersND
From Price €789.72

E - 6mm - N

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Neodymium sphere 6 mm, Holding force ~ 0.5kg, 80ºC, 8.59g
Reference: INEG02073
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E - 5mm - N

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Neodymium Sphere 5mm, Holding Force ~ 0.4kg, 80ºC, 4.94g
Reference: INEG01471
Price €0.42

Recessed Magnet 16X16,4 Brown

Recessed Magnet 16X16,4 Brown The recessed magnets are magnets from the family of magnetic closures made to insert them into holes made in the...
Reference: VARL05893
Price €0.92

Locking Magnet -...

Locking Magnet - 32.5x11.5x12.5 - WhiteThe locking magnet - 84x10x13.5 can be found located in furniture and doors as it has an easy installation...
Reference: VARV02048
Price €2.74

Locking Magnet 84x10x13,5...

Locking Magnet - 84x10x13.5 - BrownIt is a locking magnet - 84x10x13.5 - Brown that we will find in different applications and utilities in the...
Reference: VARV05745
Price €3.06