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Magnetic envelopes: Plastic bags with a magnetized face and a transparent face that allows precise signaling. They are applied on any metal surface and applied in warehouses, factories or commercial areas.

Steel-impregnated cardboard: this type of printable cardboard, together with magnetic tape, is suitable for educational games, notice boards and advertising. It can easily be printed and is finished in white on both sides.

Magnetic paper: white for ink-jet printers, on the back it has a thin magnetic layer so it can be printed easily and cleanly. It can be placed on any metal surface and is used for photos, puzzles, images and drawings. It is sold in packets of 10 units.

Magnetic envelopes: plastic bags with one magnetised face and one transparent face, allowing accurate signing. They can be applied to any metal surface and are used in warehouses, factories or shopping areas.

The best Office Magnets - Ferrite or Neodymiumc magnets

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Magnetic paper 297 x 210 x 0.26 mm The printable side is white and printable with inkjet printers. The back has a thin magnetic coating that makes...
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Office magnets are magnetic products used for document organization. Thanks to these magnets we can hold notes, organize meetings with well classified information on a board and even brainstorm and hang each of the ideas on the magnetic board. Most of these magnets are made of neodymium or ferrite, a factor that indicates that they have considerable strength for all types of applications in offices, schools and even in every home. There are office magnets of different types, shapes and colors, as needed.

Sometimes it is necessary to install magnetic boards, magnetic boards or simply magnetic sheets on the wall in order to be able to hang the documents to be classified in an easier and more accessible way.

Office magnets are also used as a decorative or playful element, depending on where they are used.


Types of office magnets:

  • Magnetic pins
  • Plasticized neodymium magnets
  • Plasticized ferrite magnets
  • Cardboard, paper and magnetic envelopes

Applications of office magnets:

Office magnets are widely used to hold documents on the magnetic board, using magnetic cards or plasticized magnets. They also serve as decorative elements of our homes and even as gifts for our children.
At the same time, we can create games such as chess or checkers, using a magnetic board and magnetic chips.


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