Magnetic pins  

The magnetic pins can be used to hold DIN A4 sheets, photos, notes, ... on white boards, refrigerators and other metal surfaces. They are sold in sets of 6, 24 and 48 in different colors and sizes.

1 ud. 0,21 € /ud
50 uds. 0,20 € /ud
100 uds. 0,19 € /ud
150 uds. 0,17 € /ud

48 magnetic pins/ box. Each box contains 48 magnetic pins or also named magnetic pawns, which are used in applications and uses in offices and at home, as a document holder, planning or as an object of decoration.

1 ud. 0,76 € /ud
50 uds. 0,72 € /ud
100 uds. 0,68 € /ud
150 uds. 0,61 € /ud

23 units per set.  Every set contains 23 magnetic pins used above all in offices and at home, in applications such as the subjection of documents, planning or as an object of decoration.

5 magnetic pins per set. Each pot contains 5 magnetic pins or also called magnetic pawns, used especially in offices and in household tasks, some of its applications are: securing documents, planning or as an object of decoration.

Steel Magnetic Pin in packages of 50 units. Strong and visually attractive magnets for office and home applications. Fastening planning or decoration are some of its applications.

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Pin magnets are very easy to use, they have a handle that allows you to move the tiles from one side to the other. Request the powerful magnetic cards in the color that you like and the size you prefer. You can also buy our packs of various colors.