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Magnetic Pin 29x38

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5 magnetic pins per set. Each pot contains 5 magnetic pins or also called magnetic pawns, used especially in offices and in household tasks, some of its applications are: securing documents, planning or as an object of decoration.

Volume discounts

Quantity Price You Save
50 1,87 € 5.71%
100 1,77 € 10.71%
150 1,59 € 19.93%

1,59 €/ud

1,98 €


50 ud. 1,87 € /ud
100 ud. 1,77 € /ud
150 ud. 1,59 € /ud
Quantity Price You Save
50 1,87 € Up to 5,66 €
100 1,77 € Up to 21,24 €
150 1,59 € Up to 59,30 €

Magnets in the form of large pawn in packs of 5 units.


We sell different sizes and colors, but if you need another color or different measurements, you can contact our team, who will try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

We also offer more adjusted rates for quantities of more than 1,000 units, for this, contact our commercial department, which will offer a great adaptation to your needs, with all the variety of colors of pawns and magnetic pins.

Maximum working temperature:

For a higher working temperature contact our commercial service.

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