Office magnets, round magnets in ferrite Purple 20mm

Plastic cap magnets in Ferrite, Round Purple, 20mm

Office magnets, round magnets in ferrite Purple 20mm

20mm Purple

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Reference: IPLS0013
Plastic cap magnets in Ferrite, Round Purple, 20mm, adhesive force 0.15kg, 5g

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Measurements of diameter
Strength (kg)
Weight (g)


*Minimum order of 20 pieces. 

These kinds of magnets are suitable for planning and organizing in warehouses or offices. Their ease of placement and low cost make them ideal for planning purposes, graphics and holding notes against ferrous metal noticeboards.

Standard sizes:


Code Measurements Ø (mm) Weigth (g) Force (kg)
IMA 200.101 10 1.5 0.07
IMA 200.202 20 5 0.15
IMA 200.203 25 9 0.30
IMA 200.204 30 14 0.60
IMA 200.205 35 21 0.95
Code A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Peso (g) Force (kg)
IMA 300.101 21 12.5 6.5 5 0.15
IMA 300.102 37 22 6.5 13 0.45
IMA 300.103 55 22.5 6.5 27 0.70


Various shapes, sizes and colours, in ferrite or neodymium are available. Consult with our sales department if bespoke products are required. They can be individually printed (max. 4 colours), when quantities are greater than 1000 pieces, in the following colours: blue, yellow, green, orange, red, black, violet and white.

Maximum working temperature:


If higher working temperatures are required, contact our sales staff.

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