Silver Plastic magnets 22.5 x 17 mm - Office Magnets

    Others Plastic magnets, hook-eye, silver, 22.5 x 17 mm,

    Silver Plastic magnets 22.5 x 17 mm

    22.5 x 17 mm Hook silver plastic

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    Reference: IPLV01096
    Others Plastic magnets, hook-eye, silver, 22.5 x 17 mm, adhesive force 3.5kg, 6g

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    Product Details

    A (mm)
    Plastic body
    Strength (kg)
    Weight (g)


    *Minimum purchase 10 pieces. 

    Standard Sizes:

    Magnetic strengths have been calculated at room temperatura, against a polished Steel plate (S235JR according to DIN 10 025) with a thickness of 10mm, lifting the magnet vertically upwards from the surface (1kg≈10N). A variation of -10% (max.) in the stated values is possible in exceptional cases. Generally, the value will be exceeded.


    CodeD (mm)A (mm)Weigth (g)Magnetic Strength (kg)Article Description
    IMA PLAS12ND121675.5Metal body, nickel coated
    IMA PLAS17ND1722.56.53.5Plastic body
    IMA PLAS17NDK1722.56.53.5Plastic body, colour: silver
    IMA PLAS17NDK11722.563.5Plastic body, eyelet fixing
    IMA PLAS17NDK01722.563.5Plastic body, eyelet fixing, silver



    Various shapes, sizes and colours are available. Consult with our sales department if bespoke products are required.

    Maximum working temperature:


    If higher working temperatures are required, contact our sales staff.

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