Samarium Magnets

Samarium magnets along with neodymium magnets are known as rare earth magnets and represent the latest generation of magnetic materials.

Currently they are the most powerful in the market. They have a high coercivity and a high remanence that allow us to create new designs and allow us to increase their field of application where space is limited or where a high magnetic field is required.

Samarium magnets, with great thermal resistance

Samarium magnets are part of the rare earth group as are neodymium magnets, although they predate these, being discovered in the 1970s. Samarium magnets have the second highest energy density of the four most demanded and sold magnetic materials. They are formed by an alloy of samarium and cobalt, and the range of temperatures with which they work are from 200ºC to 350ºC.

They are magnets with good behaviour against corrosion and environmental situations, and also have a very stable magnetic curve. These magnets are very resistant to demagnetization.

In order to use samarium magnets, it is first necessary to take certain precautions to work with them. They are magnets that can splinter or peel off small pieces if hit or dropped. We should also know that rare earths, like neodymium magnets, are powerful magnets that can cause injury if not used with care.

Applications of Samarium Magnets - Use of Samarium

Samarium magnets, or samarium magnets, are often used as neodymium magnets, thanks to their high energy values and resistance to high temperatures. They are also rust resistant magnets and do not require certain coatings for normal uses and applications.

They tend to have applications where certain durability and efficiency are required, such as medical implants, temperature pumps, motors, sensors, fastening in ovens...

Types of Samarium Magnets

  • Samarium Blocks
  • Samarium Discs
  • Samarium rings
  • Samarium magnetic base
  • Samarium magnetic base with internal threading
  • Samarium cylindrical magnetic base


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