Pot magnétique sans bras articulé 65x48x55mm, différentes mesures

Pots Magnétiques sans bras articulé 65 x 48 x 55 mm

Pot magnétique sans bras articulé 65 x 48 x 55 mm

65 IMA 14.10.015

Reference: ACCO01434

Pots Magnétiques sans bras articulé 65 x 48 x 55 mm, IMA 14.10.015

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3-5 jours (hors Europe 5-7 jours)
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24 / 48 h

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55,00 €

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Détails du produit

A (mm)
Trou De Fixation
1 M-8
B (mm)
C (mm)
Force (kg)
Poids (g)

La description


These blocks have 3 magnetic sides.


Two of them have a 90º “V”. They are very useful for holding irregular and cylindrical objects, and it is magnetism is turned on and off by turning the handle 90º. They are totally impervious to cutting oils, so it is possible for the block to work submerged in them (for example, in electro-erosion machines).

The magnetic bases of the supports can be supplied without the rigging.

Maximum working temperature:


For maximum working temperature contact our sales department.


In some cases it is convenient to use two holders at a time, in that case can be supplied in pairs (rectified at the same height).

Fields of application:

Support tools in workshops, factories ...

Standard sizes:


Code A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Fixing holes Clamping force (kg) Weight (kg)
IMA 14.10.005 57 50 49 1 M-6 80 0.9
IMA 14.10.002 90 49 59 1 M-6 y 2 M-5 130 1.5
IMA 14.10.015 65 48 55 1 M-8 60 0.8


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