Imãs do Escritório Cartolina, papeles y envelopes

1. The printable cardboard together with the magnetic tape are suitable for educational games, boards and advertising. It can be printed easily and its finish is white on both sides.


This card can be easily printed, both with photoliths and with stamping.

Do not scratch the surface
High quality finish
Without limit of use
Great adhesion
Thanks to its great power of attraction, it can be used on any surface.

2. Magnetic envelopes or plastic bags with a magnetized face and a transparent face that allows precise signaling. They are applied on any metal surface and applied in warehouses, factories or commercial areas.

 Its easy placement and mobility, makes this magnetic envelope an essential element in any warehouse, factory or commercial area.


Din-A4 size. On request, they can be supplied in any other dimension and with another color.

3. Magnetic white paper for inkjet printers, in which the back contains a thin magnetic layer, to print easily and cleanly. It can be placed on any metal surface.

Capboards, papers and envelopes

Cartolina impregnada de aço...

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Cartolina impregnada de aço 800 x 0.22 x 1100 mm This kind of printable cardboard, together with magnetic rubber is suitable for educational...
Reference: CM1E01099
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Papel magnético 297 x 210...

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Papel magnético  297 x 210 x 0.26 mm The printable side is white in colour, and printable with inkjet printers. The back side has a thin magnetic...
Reference: ACCV01337
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Envelopes magnéticos 297 x...

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Envelopes magnéticos 297 x 210 x 0.26 mm Magnetic envelopes: plastic bags with one magnetised face and one transparent face, allowing accurate...
Reference: ACCV01036
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